Brainamics is a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich. We are using Neurotechnology and Machine Learning to extract emotions directly from the human brain. Why do we do this? Because 90% of the human emotions and decision-making are subconscious. Traditional user research methods however are completely restricted to subjective feedbacks from surveys, verbal interviews or observations and therefore only can capture the 10% of information that is reproducable by our consciousness. The most valuable insights however always remain hidden.

Therefore we are happy to introduce the first and only framework that can capture the 90% of user insights you could not access until now. Those emotions are mapped in space and time to show developers and designers exactly what players felt during every single second and location of the gameplay.

We identify metrics like

- "Desire to leave the game" --> Churn. This can be caused by boredom or frustration

- Willingness to pay

- Flow-State → Immersion

- Feeling of Reward and Satisfaction → Likelihood of Retention

- And many more

We have already worked with big companies such as Pixel Federation or Huuuge, but also with smaller ones like Funday Factory or Mimimi Studios. I would love to also introduce you to our innovative approach. Especially in comparison to other playtesting providers, we can provide way more information, especially objective insights, and more valuable insights.

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Game Testing
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BrowserConsolePC / MacSmartphone / Tablet
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11 to 20 people

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