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Edgegap provides automated Latency reduction, outage protection, scalability, and cost control in one platform for multiplayer games!

Ask us how we can reduce your TCOs for hosting by up to 70%!!!

Our platform is the future of fully automated infrastructure management in the gaming industry for complete peace of mind.

How we differ in the market is the way we leverage the power of Edge computing with our patented technologies to provide our partners with an easy, yet powerful solution to implement and manage their infrastructure providing them with a cost-effective and reliable experience to their players anywhere in the world.

We bring maximum value to multiplayer games that are Real-time multiplayer online games, Cooperative or Competitive, Session-based, Between 2 and 50 players, Skill-based competitive aspect, E-sports tournaments, and multi and cross-platform among others.

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Do business
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Server & Hosting
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ConsolePC / MacPortable ConsoleRoom scale VR / VR / AR / XRSmartphone / Tablet
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21 to 40 people

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