Against all Odds - Game Dev without Borders

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Making games is hard! Even under normal circumstances, let alone in different and more complex geopolitical situations. While some countries can offer its domestic talents stability, resources and know-how; others simplay can’t, and even if they do, things can pretty much change from one day to the next – as tragically displayed by the ongoing war in Ukraine, just as the most recent example.

This panel is, without a question, one of this year’s most special sessions at devcom 2022: Join our guests Layal El Fakih, Lee Hammoud, Narges & Yasaman Farazan, Elena Lobova, Daria Vlasova, and Tim Schoeder, as well as host Fawzi Mesmar, who will share personal and insightful stories of how they relocated from their homes in Iran, Lebanon, Ukraine and beyond. Of the challenges they faced along the way and how they coped with them, as well as of the help they received.

If you want to help, if you want to do your part, and if you want to learn more about the how, where and when – this session is for you!

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Panel (40 Min)

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